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Message d'avertissement

Due to the lack of activity in this Forum we decide to suspend it. If you want to participate, please join our Facebook group for active members. Thanks for everybody that collaborate during the last years. If you have any question or concerns, please contact us.





Hi, Iam new to WWOOFing, Just joined WWOOF Portugal. Have been contacting some hosts, doesnt seem like there is much out there though. Any other WWOOFers heading to Portugal July/ August? :)



Hi, i'm new too, I'm in contact with a host for the second and third week of august but his answer are very slow to my mail....and I can't buy a flight if he dont answer to me...so...

sorry my english ! :D



Welcome to wwoof! Please bear in mind that, for most hosts, July and August are very busy times. Sometimes we cannot give firm answers until we have had firm answers back from other prospective volunteers that we've offered space to. Equally, most hosts are too busy outside to be spending a lot of time on the internet at this time of year! Don't be afraid to pick up the phone. If your chosen host has included a telephone number in their listing then they won't be surprised that you use it.



Thanks for the advise, yeh i guess just be patient 8)

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I just joined WWOOF and would like to tell you that we will be available form 15th of August on in Algarve. Please take a look at my host description (even if I still cannot see any description). Anyways, we will be needing people to help us recover the farm as it has been abandoned for a while.
Should you be interested, please contact me, I would be please to answer to your questions.