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Ola! :)


Expired user

Hiya, I'm Emma, 22, and newly joined :)

I've had enough of the paperwork I have to do in my job, so am looking to find some real work to do.

I'm looking for a host in the Algarve (preferably, but not a problem - I love the North too, I have family up there) willing to accomodate me between 30th October to 13th November (about 2 weeks) as a trial run; and then I'm planning to leave my job in Spring 2012 when I have my full driving license and more savings to WWOOF about for a year or so.

I speak a little Portuguese, but pick it up quickest when I'm over there.

My job back home is a Clerical Assistant, however I am very hard-working and committed to whatever is asked of me. I learn things very quickly and can work independently - and I'm willing to learn any and all neccessary new skills. I'm also used to working long hours and six days a week, so that wouldn't be a problem.

I'm not a vegetarian, but am perfectly content to eat a vegetarian diet if needed. I couldn't do vegan though - I love milk and cheese too much! :D

Any other questions, please ask.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you!