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Studying the area around Arganil




I thought I would "WOOF" for a while in late August and September, and as I began to look at the options, there were so many that I changed my plan.

Now I am considering actually studying, filming, and putting into my online course on Youtube the phenomenon of WOOFING in Portugal. Toward that end, I am thinking about making a "road trip" through some of the mountainous parts of the Centro. Driving, hiking, filming, and perhaps visiting.

I am very aware that most Woofing Hosts do not have time to just visit and talk. And I am certainly aware that they do not look for casual visitors. It is quite possible that I will visit no Woofing Hosts at all because my interest in the area is also about the vernacular architecture, the use of terraces, the function of weekly markets in the economy and so forth.

I speak Portuguese fluently because I lived with Brazilian peasants for three years in the Peace Corps around 1970. I want to compare what I experienced there and then with what the condition of Arganil, for example, now is.

Nothing about my plans are certain, but I may be renting a car in Coimbra, staying a night in Penacova and driving to Arganil for the Thursday Feira. Probably at all times I will be interested in sharing the trip with somebody with similar interests. The car rental and gas will be on me. (I'll pay for it.)

If anybody on this forum has any input to offer, I am interested. I know about the film "Aquele Querido Mes de Agosto", but I have not yet seen it.

Ah! Another thing, if anybody knows of pensoes or small hotels that might not be online which are in the area around Arganil, I would greatly appreciate that information.

I hope to hear from someone -- in English or Portuguese, it doesn't matter.


Frank Antonson