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Wonderful Goat Farm




I feel very lucky to have picked Valse de Asna as my first WWOOF experience. The owners are professional, friendly, speak four languages (Dutch, German, Portuguese and English), and cook some of the best food I've ever had. The farm will need woofers from December 27 to the end of April to help with the goats. The farm is very well run and the goats are healthy. The cheese production is biological(organic) and is sold locally to small towns. My husband and I spent a month mostly bottle-feeding baby goats, milking adults, with some other work like clearing brush, cleaning the barn, gardening, and leading the goats to forage (a favorite). Walking goats into the hills for a day is an amazing way to see the surrounding landscape. The farm is fairly isolated, but is surrounded by several small, old world villages. There is no electricity (except for a generator and some small solor-panels), but there is a warm shower, a wood-burning stove for heat. Woofers interested in animal husbandry, milking, and cheese making would learn most of what there is to know from hosts with 20+ years of experience. One person at a time is preferrable, but two can share the full sized bed.



Dear sowerp,
this farm is not on the list anymore but sounds just like the place where we would like to learn about goats and cheesemaking. Do you have any contact information that you could give me?
Lots of love from Camilla