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Due to the lack of activity in this Forum we decide to suspend it. If you want to participate, please join our Facebook group for active members. Thanks for everybody that collaborate during the last years. If you have any question or concerns, please contact us.

Wwoofer accommodation




Hi there

We only have proper accommodation for one wwoofer at a time with the exception of individuals who are up for camping which is far from ideal for the individuals concerned, especially for long periods of time. The solution came in the form of a tipi.

Tipis (provided they are kitted out properly i.e. proper beds, furniture and a fire for colder weather) are a very pleasant place to be, providing a space that anyone with an adventurous mind set (the same mind set that gets people out volunteering in the first place) would be more than happy to occupy.

We've found that with this new addition our wwoofers morale is greatly improved, purely because they have there own space in which they can hang out and get a bit of well needed privacy, especially with couples and families. This is also benefits the hosts in that the house doesn't feel so full all the time (not that it's a huge problem).

We explored other avenues such as more permanent structures and also yurts which are fantastic but without an endless pot of money we couldn't justify the initial outlay.
It was after attending a course which accommodated the participants in tipis that made me realise there potential. The problems started with realising the lack of available tipis in Portugal. The only one i found was including poles which pushed the price up beyond our capability (for an extra 400 euros for what can essentially be gathered in any given Portuguese woodland). Then we found a guy selling just the cover and liner (no poles) for significantly lower price, and there great.

I hope this is useful to somebody somewhere

all the best




Hi all,

The teepees are really a great place to sleep! Warm and dry and at the same time in contact with the nature.

There is a couple building teepees in Algarve. Have a look on their website: http://www.mytipi.eu/

Hope to see many teepees full with WWOOFers,




Mytipi.eu seem to have good products and nice prices. I saw their site too and have been in contact with them regarding some other models too.

We are thinking the same thing for our little Quinta (and it is a part of the rest of the product too). But instead of a tipi of native American design we're thinking of building a medieval bell-tent or a pavillion which means less wood in the construction.

I have some experience in this from a previous job so whoever needs some tips regarding making tents, feel free to ask me. It is not so difficult to do this, it just takes time. In our case we plan this to be one of the work tasks at the farm since we both want to build one tent for the wwoofers and some others for course participants to sleep in etc. :)