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Balsa do Amieiro is located on a slope facing northwest. The upper part of the farm is composed by a mixed forest dominated by cork oak trees, eucalyptus and strawberry fruit trees....they all burned down but they'll re shoot very strongly. We just need to keep the eucalyptus down.
Half way down the slope there is a lake which which serves for both recreational and farming purposes.
The lower part of the farm is composed by beautiful man made terraces in which most of our food production is going to take place following the principles of agroforestry.
It's funny to read our old profile and see how things have changed dramatically.
We had big plans and things were progressing but then the big fire that happened in August 2018, swept trough the land leaving a trail of complete destruction. All our structures, all our trees and soil got burned down.
Fire is part of a cycle but this one was stronger than any of the ones before....that's what you hear the old man saying each other in the cafe. They've been here on previous big fires.
We are motivated to make this work again and we do need help. But in order to come you will have to be resourceful, able to do physical work and self motivated.
Don't want to trick people into coming because at the moment it looks like a bomb dropped.
It is however a great opportunity to "read" the land and improve on many aspects.
At the moment our priorities are:
- Finishing compost toilet / build shower
- Fix warehouse for tool storage and other things
- Tree felling and processing it for construction, firewood, mulch
- Build temporary kitchen
- hopefully plant our orchard this winter

So ideally you would be skilled in construction and forestry work or just ultra motivated.
If you decide to come you there is a tiny caravan, a trailer/tent and a couple of big tents with inflatable mattresses etc
At the moment we still don't have hot water or electricity. You would have to bring good sleeping bags because it might get cold in the night.

All the best

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A cat, occasionally a dog, chickens and ducks will arrive very soon. Goats and horses are a goal but not sure when.
Portuguese, English, Spanish
Régime alimentaire
Mostly vegetarian and very rarely meat and fish.
Durée de séjour du bénévole préferée
2 weeks
Nous cultivons et collectons nos graines pour notre propre usage