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Hello People! we (44, 47, and 18) came from Germany and bought our little paradise nearly two years ago. It is a calm and naturally place, where you can live tranquility and independent. It is located in the middle of Serra Monfurado, a nature reserve near Evora. Our property includes two united houses, some more ruins and land of one hectar. Around us it is only nature and some sheeps. The trail to our house is 1,5 km. The next little village with some shops and bus station is 2 km away.
Now we try to live here more and more self- sufficient. This means a lot of work. Hard work and special work and knowledge about a lot of things people should know when they really want to live independent. And we have to learn! The property has long time been uninhabited. Formerly it was a big vegetable garden with a lot of fruit trees and olives. It has a small river through the property. It is a typical old portugues monte (farmhouse). We want to cultivate the land again and want to renovate our two old houses inside and outside, and we need to build up two more old buildings into a stall and a shed. There are waiting a lot of projects to do…
Now we are looking for friendly and experienced helpers. Actual we need people who can really work hard and independent. And careful and responsibly. We need people who can work with chainsaw and brushcutter. We welcome people who have knowledge as a carpenter, electrician, gardener and sanitary :-))

The (Wintertime-) projects are:
Expose the terrain, free the land from brambles.
Cut back the olives trees and orange trees
renew the surrounding stone wall.
Felling old trees.
Make a part of the stone wall away and installing a gateway
Dig the ground for new agriculture
stable build of stones / wood.
Build a fence around the stable. And other fences.
Several works with wood, stones or bamboo.
Some buildings need a new roof.
Make firewood
Repair roof from leaks
Works for Inside:
free Interior walls from old plaster. This work needs to be especially careful.
Now, in spring, we need helper especially for these projects:
restore some indoor walls as natural stonewalls or alternative put on new color.
Grind and abrate the outside walls before new color.
We welcome people who are able to lay electrical cables.
You see, there are waiting a lot of things to restore, renovate, repair and create.
To the Wwoofer:
You should work 6 hours a day (10 to 12 and 14 to 18) and you have two days off. We can speak about if you want other conditions. That should be no problem. Evenings are long in the wintertime, it´s getting dark early. You have a lot of time for relaxing and recreation. And for long and interesting walks. If you can enjoy the way of living in the earlier days, you have found a good place for it. It provides a very special atmosphere here.
We offer you three meals a day. Normal and good food. If you like to cook, you can also do. You have your own bathroom and can use an own kitchen. You can choose between living outside (there´s a lot of beautiful place for camping), you can come with mobilhome or living in one part of the house. There are two big rooms to select, each for two persons. Both of them are large with high ceilings, one has a wood oven but it’s the through room. The room walls are waiting to renew.
We separate our garbage for recycling into paper, glas, packing, kompost, rest. As it is usual on Houses without puplic effluence, we also dispose toilet paper separatly, please do not throw into toilet!
Water and Electricity are value ressources in our house. So it is necessary for everybody to handle them economical and canny!
We use our water inside from a little source and have only small water tanks. And we get electricity by a limited solar system.
So only short showers are possible. If you need more water you can find it in our creek.
You can use electric lights and recharge your handy or laptop. You can only use until max. 300W.
We don´t have wi-fi.
We prefer people who don´t smoke. When you smoke, only outside the house. Beware of fire!!
As winter season brings us temperatures around zero (0ºC), please bring waterproof clothing and boots; warm work clothes, gloves, a torch, a towel, a good sleeping bag.
You are expected to keep both the inside and outside of your living space tidy and help maintain a clean and pleasant atmosphere in all the communal living areas. We also expect your help in daily works. Personal products asked to be handled reasonable. You will be asked to be in full awareness during work, not under influence of any stimulating substance, such as alcohol or other drugs.
And: Before you go away, please clean up your room and used things in kitchen, bathroom and somewhere else as it was before.
We ask all WWOOFers to allow us to copy the ID and to sign the WWOOF agreement (that you must bring with you) as formulated by WWOOF Portugal: www.wwoof.pt/fileadmin/images/portugal/WWOOFerAgreement.pdf

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dog, cats, geckos
german, english and a little french
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1 week, maybe longer
Nous produisons notre énergie renouvelable (éolienne, solaire, etc.)