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NEED URGENT HELP FOR A WEEK TO WORK ON NATURAL BUILDING to finish a small bathroom and the outdoor kitchen. Straw, clay, palets, hard wotk and fun!

Samambaia is the project to create a living and welcoming place in a natural environment in the South West coast of Portugal, where daily life, activites and agriculture respect the Nature and where we enjoy life!

We are a french couple, who felt in love with Portugal already few years ago. We finally decided to move to Portugal in April last year and we got our land last January. We speak french, english, portuguesh and spanish.

The land is nearly one hectare and used to be cultivated in the past but was abandonned since few years already. It is a very interesting place full a diversity: cork trees forest on the upper part, old fruit trees that need some care on the middle, hidden springs, and a flat area along a beautiful stream ready to be cultivated.

Our objective for the year is to make the place friendly to live, to grow our first veggies and to take care of the nature surrounding us.
Until now: we cleaned the land, installed solar panel system for electricity and water, set up a yurt, created the veggie garden, did the first prunning of fruit trees and we started building a summer kitchen with wood, straw and clay. And soon, we will start the next building projects...

As a volunteer, we invite you to get involved into every type of activities that are going on at the time you are here. Especialy to:
° Participate to the general activities:
- Garden: watering, weeding, picking, seeding, planting...
- Land: cleaning (weed, brambles, trees..), picking up fruits, landscaping...
- Daily tasks: cooking and cleaning dishes with us, maintaining a nice place to live...
° Take part to buildings activities:
- Finishing the summer kitchen (clay and straw walls),
- Buidling the bathroom,
- Starting to build the shelter for tools.
° Share your ideas, your creativity, your energy, your skills!

° We ask the volunteer to work 5hours/day, 5 days/week in exchange accomodation and food.
° We have a place on the land with a small caravan for one person and an igloo tent for one person or a couple.
(Nb: The volunteers should share the storage and 'small extra kitchen' of the caravan.)
° We provide mattresses, pillows, sheets and common solar shower, composting toilets and 3 basic and healthy meals per day.
° Food are usually cooked together in the summer kitchen and are usually vegetarians but we are not against fish and meat sometimes.

NB: If you have your own van, you are welcome to come also!

To conclude, we would like to mention that we are a small, new and low budget project meaning that we live simply and we are creating everything everyday. But if you like camping, you like the nature and you like to experience new things, it should not be a problem and you might love it as much as we do!

Be aware also that we are 10min away by car from the village and 25 from the coast, so it might be easier if you have your own car.
If you don't, we can give you a ride when we go around but we'de like the volutneer to be independent.

We did several wwoofings in the past so we are happy to be the one hosting wooffers now and we want to make you have enjoy your time with us!

Conctact us for further informations!

Lisa & Jaun

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Host information
français, portugues, english, spanish
Régime alimentaire
mostly vegetarian
Durée de séjour du bénévole préferée
At least 2 weeks
Nous cultivons et collectons nos graines pour notre propre usage
Nous produisons notre énergie renouvelable (éolienne, solaire, etc.)