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Host CE099

We are in the face of realising and shaping our ideas for the future. Very practically we have been restoring several of the old village houses in order to prepare them for permanent inhabitants and visitors. The steep slopes with forest and terraces are being cleaned, replanted with wood and fruit producing trees, vegetables and herbs and renovated where needed. On an organisational level we have been and are hosting workshops in our workshop hall Alma d'Árvore for the second year this year and enjoying this and learning from this experience. A local Host & Site manager is in Loural to help out and manage where needed.

Requirements of the WWOOFER:
 Work 5 hours per day, 6 days a week (usually work from Monday to Friday)
 Stay for at least 2 weeks
 Physically fit
 Responsible
 Willingness to learn and develop
 18 yrs or older
 Insurance
You will be asked to sign the Wwoofer Agreement (as provided by Wwoof Portugal)

We do not allow you to bring your animal(s).
For the moment we do not yet allow Wwoofers bringing children.

 A couple or two friends
 Basic knowledge of permaculture and/or organic agriculture/living
 Non smoking (smoking only outside, in dedicated area)

For your mobility, you can bring your own car if you have one.

What is offered:
 Accommodation in a tent that you bring or we can provide + access to WC and kitchen. We like it if you can bring your own sleeping bag / mattress, but we can also provide it if needed. A deposit of 50 Euro to cover damages is required for things you borrow (tent, mattress, sleeping bag). Deposit is returned when you leave and you return your items undamaged.
Exceptionally, a bedroom (to share with one other Wwoofer in case you are both at Loural at the same time).
 Food - vegetarian
 Wi-Fi access
 Sharing of experiences
 Direct contact with life in countryside
We regularly have exciting works ongoing!

Tasks – Help with*:
 Watering young trees (including forest garden)
 Spraying young trees with neem oil, stinging nettle tea, etc
 Gardening in general
 Digging swales
 Planting seedlings on the raised beds
 Watering seedlings
 Sowing/transplanting perennial seedlings
 Weeding of raised beds
Cutting grass/ferns and use it for mulching
Assist in activities related to hosting guests
Share cooking with the site manager(s) and other Wwoofers
Keep you space/room clean; and cleaned for the next Wwoofer before leaving.

* Why these tasks? Because when it's Spring time / almost Summer we do have many seedlings and young trees that need a lot of attention and care, specially when heat strikes. When it is Autumn/Winter we take stock and prepare structures in the land for the next growing season.

Experience tells us that Wwoofers are in general interested in meeting several of our neighbours as well. All adventurous people that have great connections with nature and that live a life in touch with their environment. During weekends it is possible to arrange to also stay with a neighbour and learn from their way of living.

Initial contact - Please include:
 Name
 Age
 Contact information (e.g. mobile phone, e-mail, other)
 Dates you would be available (start and end dates please!)
 Photo of yourself
 Why Loural appeals to you
 What skills and knowledge you could offer **
 What you would most enjoy doing
 Whether you have a tent or will need a bed in the house
 Dietary constraints
 References of past experiences as a Wwoofer or in relevant jobs

** Any skills or experience you may bring with you are a welcome bonus, certainly not an expectation.

What to bring:
 Sturdy boots and work clothes
 Energy and enthusiasm
 Swim gear
 Slippers / house shoes
 Sun protection/hat
Rain gear+boots - as we also work outside when it rains!

Send information to our email

Febr/March 2015, 2 wwoofers that stayed at Loural. Their experience and reference:
Hi Tiana,

thanks again for providing the opportunity to us to volunteer in Loural Village!! We really had an amazing time. Therefore we are happy to share a short (and a bit delayed, sorry) review with you:

In February 2015 we gladly got the chance to volunteer for 2,5 weeks in Loural Village. After getting picked up in Gois and a 40 minutes drive through the mountains we arrived in Loural and our first impression was simply: Wow! The large green terraces, the small waterfalls, the stone houses and the calm atmosphere of this stunning place made it hard not to directly fall in love with Loural. But these impressions would have been valueless without the kindness of our hosting family, comprising Claudia and Antonio as well as their two children (Jan and Terra). The beautiful and peaceful nature as well as the warm welcome made it really easy to immediately feel comfortable.

Our daily tasks, which were mostly accompanied by Claudia and/or Antonio, have been quite diverse. Therefore we were able to gain a wide range of different skills and the tasks never became boring. After a day of cutting bushes we were building a raised garden bed according to permaculture design in the next day (for instance). Since we always worked together with Claudia and Antonio, who were eager to explain every particular step we did in the garden, we learned a lot in only this short period of time. Since we made more Wwoof experiences afterwards, we now know that this is definitely not the common case. Moreover, it's been important to them that a harmonic and deep relationship between hosts and wwoofers evolves during the stay. Therefore we shared all meals together and also spent time together on the weekend, although they leave a lot of space for private time if needed. You are actually free to do whatever you like.

Places like Loural are rare. It is a further step towards a more sustainable future. If you have the opportunity to go there, simply do it. No chance you'll ever regret it :)

Thanks again for an incredible time in this forward-looking, progressive project!

Yours Anastasia and Marius

Host availability

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Host information
Portuguese, English
Régime alimentaire
Vegetarian mainly
Durée de séjour du bénévole préferée
2 weeks minimum
Nous produisons notre énergie renouvelable (éolienne, solaire, etc.)