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We are David, Eli and Pauline and we live on a beautiful 12h land in central Portugal with view on the Serra da Estrella mountains. The land is privately located, between Seia and Oliveira do Hospital and a dirt track of 1km separates us from the first village. The land is partly forest and partly open, terraced land.
We have goats, chicken, cats and dogs and a all year round organic vegetable garden. We aim for a sustainable way of living and try to provide our essentials from our own land as much as possible: fire wood, water, fruits and vegetables, eggs, milk, cheese, meat, ...

Sadly enough, on the 15th of October 2017 a firestorm has hit our land. We have lost our house, our stables, firewood storage, our beautiful yurt, a caravan, our young fruit trees, the main part of our forest and lots more!
The part of the land that had been properly maintained survived the firestorm so we still have our two wooden cabins where we temporary live in now waiting for our house to be restored.
Meanwhile we have prepared some place for volunteers again so we are looking forward to having some energetic and motivated help!

The fire has brought us a lot more than losses. We have learned so much about how to keep your land safe from the annual fires here in Portugal. And it has also brought us closer to ourselves and each other. We feel stronger than before and have a positive energy to look forward and to start again.

The priorities now are building a new stable for our goats (and chicken that sadly enough didn't survive the fire).
Also we urgently need to cut down the burned trees and build new storage for the wood. The forest needs to be cleaned urgently before the next dry season arrives.

So basically we are looking for people who would like to help building, cutting trees and cleaning the land but also other main tasks like gardening, animal care and cooking, ...
If you seem interested to help us then send us some info about yourself, interests, skills and experiences. And also your motivation and expectations for your wwoof experience.

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Dogs, cats, chicken, goats
English, Dutch, Portuguese and French
Régime alimentaire
Mainly vegetarian
Durée de séjour du bénévole préferée
Two weeks, or longer depending on how things run between us.