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Hi guys, my name is Gui,
I live in Central Portugal, Cepos, village with about 40 souls in winter and some more during summer.
I live there since June 2017.
I am the owner of a place of about 20.000 sq meters, with 9 terraces, and two pools, located about 3 kms from the village.

Since June, I have known and experienced, fires, flows and winds.
So in October, all the valley was under the flames, I have lost, my two houses, my fruit trees and my summer garden.
Ashes are good for the soil, let's see the bride side.
In December and as well in January, 140km/h winds, 4 days of flows, and my winter crop as well as my last hope of having a decent garden was gone.

The weather is still winter/spring like but getting better, and I work to make my land, a self-suffisant paradise but without too much sun, it is harder though.
I have 3 mines of water so I am working on water tanks now.

As for the main activities for the coming months:

July = water tanks for water control, cleaning terraces, raised beds construction
August = wood collection, small constructions

Of course, I have many other projects in mind and designed.

I need motivated people, experienced or not, with fresh energy.

For the accommodation, you need to bring a tent.
I live in a caravan and just one bed.

I do not need an experienced person, I will teach you all and we will share ideas, make common decisions.
I am someone chilled, playful, talkative, full of dreams, and I need someone who loves to dream, to laugh, and is eager to learn.

I live in the caravan, gaz stove, BBQ outside, I eat all.
Dry toilets.
Mine water, shower with clean water, no shampoo allowed.

On the menu:
fresh pasta, bread, potatoes, fresh cheese, indian bread fried like,
from garden: lettuces, spinach, garlic, oignon, mustard, melissa, mint,
And much more to come.

Living with me means:
- bad weather = no work
- emergencies under rain = I do it alone
- good weather = walks, chill, work
- great weather = walks, chill, work

I do work when I feel it, well, so not everyday.
I do 4 hours shifts a day in the morning and sometimes afternoon 1-2 more hours.

You are tired, take a nap, you feel like walking, why not, you are hungry, We cook something, well I am a free person, and I expect people to be free too. But I need you, so you will have to work, it is not holiday resort 😎
Each day, we will plan as for the next one, talk about projects, life and else.

You will need a good pair of shoes (work/walks) and emergency kit.

I have a bicycle, a quad, Internet is on my phone.
One small solar mattress for phone charging, one for my lamps.

If you need more information, if you are interested in joining, call me.
I will reply to email to call me around 2pm the next day. So call 😊
00351 927 733 152
I use phone during my walk so afternoon only.
There is no email recruitment.

Prepare yourself for the following:
- What am I looking for as a Wwoofer, at Casa do Gui?

To know me better:

Cheer, Gui

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