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We are a family of 4: me, my parents and sister. In the village of Pernelhas, 6 km from Leiria, we have a plot of land where I have been implementing a Orchard using Agroforestry principles. The Orchard is now 3 years old and it is a place where I spend my free time to play and I always have ideas on how to improve it. Soon I want to create conditions to have animals there such as chicken and bees. In 2 years I would like to build a cabin for visitors. At the moment there is only drinkable water and one can camp there during warm season. My idea is that the woofer can be sheltered in my parents house, which is 10 mints walk from the orchard. During his/her stay we will organize together in which task you will be useful, there are many possibilities, depending on the season such as tree pruning, mulching, planting, grafting, bricolage, etc. I want to consider the talents and desires of the woofer. I want the woofer to helps us to really produce something valuable but also very important I want the woofer to feel comfortable, to use the opportunity to relax, and hopefully to enjoy good moments learning from each other. Usually I am working during the week as Architect and Carpenter, but during the evenings and weekends I will come to spend time with the woofer making sure that everything is alright.

> The farm is 500m from my parents house where you will be accommodated for sleeping and eating. You can also choose to camp in the land during the warm season.
> The farm is a 4000m2 of land that is being used to plant a Orchard using Agroforestry principles. The idea is that this place becomes a place for different species of trees, bushes and plants, animals and for people. I want to search for a balance between these. In this sense the idea of the land is not fully formed, as it is been growing organically according to my results and to what makes sense in the present and near future. I want the land to provide goods for us, our family, maybe even enough to create some income from selling walnuts, berries or herbs. And maybe become a place for education, where kids can visit and see a different example of farming. This is one idea and I am glad to receive people that can bring good ideas.
>The host is expected to work 4 hours a day, 5 days a week but this can be very open. We can discuss a way that is good for everybody. I trust the host to be responsible and have a good sense. If he wants to use the opportunity to travel around, or take the time he needs for his/her own things, that is ok too. I want everyone to feel good and the experience to be valuable.
> My mother will cook lunch and dinner but if you are vegetarian, probably it is better that the host takes the lead on cooking.
> You will stay in the ground floor of my parents house. We have a room for hosts there with your own toilet. You have space just for your self but mainly you will share the house with my family. The house is 500m from the land, both are in the village, close to neighbors.
> We live 6km from Leiria. On a radius of 20km you find mountains or beach. The mountains are great for hikes and herbs. The beach is wild and powerful. I can show you my favorite places around. 20km away there is a Forest near the beach which is just amazes me.
> You have wifi, bikes, the things that family have and you can use them. We want you to feel comfortable with us, as you will be living with us.
> Ideally we better receive one person at the time.
> Before you come it would be good that we try to know each other a little more, by Skype or e-mail. I just want to make sure that the person who comes is well suited to living with my family.

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Galinhas, Patos, Gatos e Cadela
Português, Espanhol, Inglês
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2 semanas