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Rita (33) is a health-food enthusiast and loves to work with different kinds of art-craft. She likes to explore with Medicinal plants, Fermented food, ways of preserving food and appreciates doing basketry, wool-work and book-binding. Also likes to produce cleaning and hygiene products like natural detergents, soaps and salves. Walking in the nature, singing with friends and doing yoga are some of the other things she enjoys.

Gonçalo (38) is a nature lover with a passion for Permaculture and Natural Farming. Studied Organic Agronomy and has been practicing it since 2008, with the help of volunteers, interns and apprentices. He enjoys sharing and to make music with his friends.

Until now, we built two yurts for living, a dome for greenhouse (toilet and nursery), recovered a ruin for storage and workshop, built a stable for the farm animals and a round-house with reciprocal roof to shelter people with our own chestnut roundwood. Made also a vegetable garden with huegel beds and a small food forest. We also have the help of a horse,goats, sheep and chickens to regenerate pasture where we plant trees and shrubs in order to convert it to an poly-crop system. Unfortunately in 2017 a massive fire went over this beautiful valley but in the same year we were blessed with our first home-birth daughter Dana. With us lives also a young female dog, Romã, and Mimi, the sweet cat, with her 2 sons, Benjamin and Simba.

This year we will need help maintaining the vegetable garden; implementing and maintaining food forests; building simple structures with roundwood and recicled materials; harvesting herbs, vegetables, fruits and processing them; farming maintenance (cutting and caring fire-wood; moving electric fences and farm animal summer shades); enjoying live, sharing wisdom and much more ....

During Spring and Autumn (April, May, June and October, November, December), we provide food on working days (6 days/week) to people that help us for max 5-6 hours/day (we work according to goals). You will have a camping area with solar shower, dry-toilet and a small caravan, with gas stove and frig, that you can use for cooking. You can also sleep at a shelter (round-house with reciprocal roof) with wood-burner hand gas-heather for your shower.
During the Summer (July, August, September) we only need help for max 2-3 hours/day so we only provide accommodation and you buy your own food (we sell herbs, vegetables and eggs).
There's also a natural pool in the stream and according to the season, mushrooms, edible and aromatic plants, berries, acorns and chestnuts.

In north Portugal we have strong culture of family agriculture that is still practiced by beautiful old people and some young new amazing neighbors. You will meet some of those and can get to visit them to chill-out or help on farming maintenance in exchange for services, products or money and learn some knowledge or skills with joy!

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Sim/Yes (Cats, Dogs, Horse, Chickens, Sheep and Goats)
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saudavel / healthy
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o tempo que eles quizerem / the time you want
Nous cultivons et collectons nos graines pour notre propre usage
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