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Host LI010

  • We (Me and my Girlfriend) had a more then wonderfull experience at Jardim da Boa Palavra, everything was exactly what we hoped for, the accommodation, the workload and the work was great! Big thanks and an experience never to forget!

  • I highly recommend Jardim da boa Palavra as a wwoof host. To me they are much more than just a wwoof host, they are like family. Positive, genuine, open minded great people. I feel blessed to have met them and been a part of their work and daily lives :) muito obrigado Eduardo e Carla!

  • I agree with President David Preston, the Jardin da Boa Palavra is much more than a wwoof host, is a family. you will find here very interesting work, lovely farm location, comfortable accomodation in the center of Setubal, extremely generous- helpfull-patient-friendly ... "bosses". do you need anything more? ok, more. the city is beautiful, the food is very tasteful, the beaches ... Arrabida park ... Lisbon ... Portugal. definitely, I'm counting down the days until next holydays. L.

  • Volunteering at Jardim da Boa Palavra was a great experience. Ana, Carla and Eduardo all made us feel at home and were happy to explain the work, and also teach us about their babies, the plants! The work is not that physically hard, only 4 hours in the morning and it is varied enough that the time goes quickly. It was great to live in a flat in Setubal and it meant we had the opportunity to visit the national park which is really stunning, with incredible beaches and walking, and also to pop to Lisbon. It is not your usual 'live on a farm' experience and so if you want the full 'living on a farm with the famers and in the middle of nowhere' experience then maybe this farm is not for you. However, if you would like a gentle and lovely introduction to WWOOFING, and also to learn about how to grow and harvest medicinal plants, and their uses and also to meet some lovely people then Jardim da Boa Palavra is perfect. I am only jealous that anybody going to the farm will get to meet Carla and Eduardo's new addition before me!

  • This past March, my boyfriend and I spent one month at Jardim da Boa Palavra. We had an amazing time working on the farm, in the greenhouse, talking with other WWOOFers, exploring Setúbal, sharing experiences, trying to speak new languages, and learning about the herbs!

    The apartment itself is in a great location. We were able to travel easily on the weekends. We miss the morning routine - especially the espresso!

    During our visit Eduardo and Carla gave birth to their first child and we (and the other WWOOFers at the time) were invited to be part of the celebration. The piano bar we went to was awesome and we loved hearing them sing Portuguese songs! Because of the birth we didn't get to spend much time with Carla (but maybe we will return someday!) but our time spent with Eduardo was great. He has such a positive attitude and outlook on life, it spread to everyone. We made some true friends. It was tough to leave! Thanks so much for having us!!

  • I wwoofed at Jardim da boa palavra with my friend Jack, and I have to say it was one of the best experiences of my life. Everything is great, the work on the farm is pleasant and the lunch provided is healthy and tasty. We started earlier in the morning and finished just after lunch, as to avoid the full heat of the sun.

    The accomodation is fantastic, a great appartment right next to a daily market, the city centre, a ferry port to a really nice beach resort and just a ten minute walk to the nearest beach.

    I would definitely come back if I get the chance, the farmers are so caring and friendly, I wish them all of the luck in future, they deserve it.

    Much love, joseph (and jack)

  • The hosts and the farm its self carry a very positive message to all who they encounter. The environment is very relaxed and offers many opportunities for excursions and exploration in Setúbal and beyond. The combination of kind hosts and a beautiful environment make this farm a must-visit :)

  • O Jardim is run by really wonderful people, they were super generous and kind. Also after roughing it in the country it was so nice to have a big double bed, washing machine and hot showers. The apartment is definitely in the city not the country, which is perfect for some, but feels different from other wwoofing sites. Overall good people, I would recommend this place.

  • I had a great time in Jardim da Boa Palavra!
    Ana, Carla and Eduardo are lovely people, the accomodation is great, you can easily reach wonderful beaches and spend time sightseeing setubal and sorroundings..

  • Jardim da Boa Palavra is a little piece of heaven...with the plants, the setting, but also the...angels :) The work is beautiful, the location is great and the people are caring, full of life, passion and have a very healthy sense of humour ;) To me, the Jardim feels and always will feel like home :)