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Our organic / agro tourism project is called 'Pomar'. It is close to the coast situated just in the back of a beautiful fishermen village called Santa Luzia. 5 kilomters away from Tavira. The farm is managed by Marit. She is a 35 year old Dutch woman with a PDC (perma culture design certificate) and 7 years of experience in the field. Marit get's help from Gjula, a Hungarian man, who has extensive experience in traditional (organic) agriculture. Mix all these farming principles together and you get Pomar. But during your time here you will mostly be working with Marit.
Our aim is to sell our produce only locally and therefor we are a part of a collective that, together, sells their produce on the market of Tavira.
The farm is a part from a eco tourist rental company called Quinta Mar. Clients who stay in the rental houses around the farm are in the possibility to come and buy vegetables directly from the lands. Or just to walk around and experience being on a farm.

We would love to have some enthusiastic helpers to activily collaborate in farm work. We are looking for fun, hard working and responsible helpers to assist us in the day to day running of the farm. Some of the tasks include weeding, planting vegetables, planting trees, composting, laying down mulch, harvesting carob, olive, organising the market produce, tending to goats, sheep and other farm animals.

We ask the volunteers to work from Mon/Fri from 08.00/13.00.
In return for your work we will offer you accommodation in a basic farm house next to Marit's place and you can eat all the vegetables from the land. Marit will make sure your frigde is filled with the basic necessities like bread, water, pasta, rice, ect. Booze, chips, meat and so on are for your own costs.
We ask you to self cater since the farmers are working on different times than the volunteers do. We start earlier and work longer. Sometimes we do eat together though. It is fun! But it always happens on impulse. When everybody feels like it.
There is a pool table, a washing machine and a beautiful beach just at your doorstep. We have NO wifi though....

One side note though: If you decide you would like to come here realize that you are really coming to a rural place which includes mice, spiders, snakes, gekkos everywhere, rats, scorpions, huge ants and so on. Animals everywhere. None will never come from under your bed at night and eat you alive or anything crazy like that. It is all perfectly safe, if not i would not even be asking for volunteers. But if this is something that turns you off, then maybe this is not the place for you.

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Nom de l'hôte
Pigs, Goats, Chickens, ducks, dog, cats
English, Dutch and a bit of Portugese
Régime alimentaire
We seldomly eat meat. Most of our meals are vegetarian/vegan. SO catering for non-meat eaters is absolutely no problem. Since one of the farmers has food allergies we know how to deal with that too. So don't be worried if you can't eat nuts, gluten ect.
Durée de séjour du bénévole préferée
4 weeks
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every other day