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Extra expenses


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Hello, I'm new to WWOOF, and I'm planning to travel to a Sweden farm on spring, I'm also kind of a newby on international travelling so I would love to know what expenses to expect from 1 month of WWOOFing in Sweden. Also any extra tips for WWOOFing in Sweden would be great!

Thank you for your time :D

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If you stay on one farm and don´t have any special needs you will only need travel expenses.
Train - you should book through internet well in advance = cheaper.
Swebus is cheaper.
Local transport sometimes want you to buy a card in advance, which is cheaper.
Hitchhiking is hard.
Food : Sweden is considered expensive. By in big supermarkets and avoid "restaurants" and expensive snacks.
If you need to stay over in certain towns, try couchsurfing.org.

If staying in hostels and eating on restaurants you can spend 350 skr or more a day.


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Thank you very much Sebastian, your info is most appreciated :D