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Has anyone been to Quinta dos Felizes??




I looked into them because their announcement sounds pretty intense so I was wondering if anyone had spent time with them and knew what it was like. I'm a 19 woman from California and down for pretty much anything, but it's my first time wwoofing so I thought I'd see if anyone had advice. I did some research cuz I speak Portuguese and I found this about the farm:

sounds pretty far out, but really cool! Hope you all could shed some light on the subject.



You are 100% right. It is a very intense place.
They are new on the WWOOF list but they are a long term reference on sustainability and simple living in Portugal.

They live in a very simple way, so I would not recommend this farm to somebody without previous experience on a simple live style. I would recommend this farm to people that want to learn and live in an almost 100% self sustainability but already have some experience on this direction.

Wish you a nice WWOOFing,