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look for wwoofing AND work





Hello, i'm presently settling in portugal, and i look for a farm with a fireplace to spend the winter in exchange for some work.because presently my only home is my yellow bike. Ideally with space and time that i can dedicate at least 1/2 a day per week to butoh dance (i can share my experience if some are interested).


I'm soon running out of money. So i look for a place where i could also work nearby for a bit of money : may it be some work that you can't decently give to a volonteer, may it be a part-time job by a neighbour or in neighbouring town ...

My mains skills are vegetarian cooking (this i use to teach), clay-straw building (ovens for baking and heating), bike repairing ...
i also have some experience with goats, bees, vegetables. And i worked a lot for different harvests.
Falo português, je parle français, ich spreche deutsch. and english you already noticed.

So, i'm available untill 21st of january, just call : 935 733 858 or

até logo, bis bald, kenavo !



... 5 stars WWOOFer ... Recommended !!