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Due to the lack of activity in this Forum we decide to suspend it. If you want to participate, please join our Facebook group for active members. Thanks for everybody that collaborate during the last years. If you have any question or concerns, please contact us.

Woofing for Februar?




I'm a 31 year old. I live in france.
I work with people with disabilities, more specialy with autism.
This year, I have decided to do several woofing, to experiment, differents areas and to open my mind for differents possibilities, that can offer nature .
I would create a project as educational farm, and to agree my lifestyle with my philosophy.
I have already woofing in spirulina and olives harvest.
I have participed in a « village solidarité jeunesse » (pruning, gardening,building, wooding..).
I'm flexible.
I have a real interest to plants, animals, permaculture. I like to think, that we can associate nature and health.
Today I thirst for knowledge and discovery ! I like work,especially to be able to share in a good atmosphere !
I'm a person who sees things always on the good side !

I look forward to your proposals !
I'm looking for februar.
See you soon, I hope.