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We (myself, and my two sons of 6 and 4 years age who will be alternating weeks on and off the the farm) live OFF-GRID, but we buy propane for cooking, and some foods that we cannot produce by ourselves, such as sugar, oil, salt, flour, coffee, etc. We are steadily clearing jungle forest and replanting the cleared areas with invasive edible plants, following Permaculture principles.

Guests will eat farm-produced and farm-grown food with the family and enjoy the abundance that our gardens give year round. We can provide a warm and dry 2-level wooden bungalow (no electricity yet) to sleep in. The bungalow is called the "Woofer Cabana". As of now, the cabana has a sleeping loft space upstairs. Downstairs is a kitchen and sitting area. Host can provide a mattress pad, sleeping bag, and blanket. The cabana is cozy and dry, but has not been tested for winter use yet. If interested, you can find detailed photos and videos of the Cabana on our blog site.

Our host home is very close by, to provide space for eating meals. We have a dry/compost toilet to share the use with guests, and outdoor shower with solar/hydro powered heating. The Woofer cabana can accommodate three woofers at a time for now. We also have many great areas for camping, for those who prefer to bring a tent and cooking equipment. We have electricity at our house (we generate 100% of our electricity on site with solar and hydro) and a LARGE digital library, so bring your mobile devices and we can charge them and give you books, and films to enjoy on rainy days or at night, and music while you are working, perhaps, if you wish. If you bring rechargeable devices or lights we can charge them for you also. For your dirty clothes and towels, we have a clothing-washing machine to use. The clothing will hang dry outside. To learn more about us, and our projects, please visit our blog.
This year our primary projects are complete the interior of the house and to build a solar tracker to maximize our electrical production. If you are interested in learning how to garden, build safe and strong dwellings, and generate electricity, this is your opportunity to learn and lend a hand.

We only host three woofers at a time. Our farm is not commercial and we do not have hired help.

We ask for 8 hours of labor daily for 4 days with three days vacation weekly. You may choose your working hours, depending if you prefer the cooler mornings or warmer afternoons. We will make a large family lunch and dinner on work days. For breakfast and on days off, guests are welcome to eat from the fresh vegetables that are in season.

We are always clearing jungle, building fires and planting edible species in quick succession. If you want to learn to use a chainsaw and drop large trees, than tell us in advance and bring adequate insurance. We are happy to teach and share our knowledge with you.

It is a 15-minute walk to the bus stop and a quick trip to the city for internet access, bus fare is under a euro. There is also a 20-minute walk from our house to the coastline, where there exists a private rock beach. Our homestead is the only house dedicated to full-time living across from the main village of Fazenda. It is located on a Bio Reserve that surrounds it for many hectares. We are very secluded in natural beauty of mountains, rivers, pastureland, and waterfalls. It is an easy walk to visit a cafe or to climb to the tops of the mountains.

WE ARE ENTIRELY OFF THE GRID! Cell phone reception is based on your cell phone service provider, for us cell phone use depends on the weather. Some of our woofers get good reception on their cell phone or smart-phones. There is no internet service or land-line phone reception at our house, or power lines. Only nature.

Most people arrive to Ponta Delgada on San Miguel island by using Ryan Air or SATA. Once arriving there, it is FREE to travel to Flores Island using SATA airlines. You can view details of this on http://encaminhamentos.sata.pt/en

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20 chickens, 3 cats, 20 guinea fowl, 1 goat, 1 sheep
english, learning portuguese at basic level
conscientious omnivore-we prefer others with a flexible diet that includes all island products
Tempo de estadia preferido
4-16 weeks
Cultivamos e colectamos nossas sementes para o nosso próprio uso
Produzimos a nossa energia renovável (eólica, solar,etc)