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I know it's a long text, but please take your time to make sure you know what you might go for and what we are searching for :)

Eu sou o Carlos and I am searching for nice people with helping hands to transform 8h of old land into my dream, a fertile, green jungle with crazy little buildings.

My land is around 15 minutes by car northwest from Lagos close to a very small, old Portuguese village called Barão de São João, surrounded by beautiful nature.
We are surrounded by alternative hippies, artists, musicians, dreamers...
Once a month all the freaks are gathering to celebrate a free, self running huge flea market in town, filled with music, food, creative stuff and not at least amazing people.
You are close to the quiet beautiful south coast and the amazing west coast, best known for surfing.
The next airport is the one in Faro and there are trains to Lagos.
I am a 39-year-old father of a 6 year old little rock star princess. My daughter stays with me every second week. I do speak Portuguese as I am born in Lisbon, Spanish and English. My German girlfriend is here too, so German is spoken somewhere in between.
I guess I am an easygoing, open minded person. We live here with four dogs, two pigs and Chickens.

I am at the beginning of building my dream on an 8,5ha land.
My goal is a more self efficient, biological life and I do have a huge list of crazy projects from a self running Aquaponics system over my own skatepark up to an artistic buildings "town"… But these are only the bigger projects. Trying to get forward it’s all about the smaller (not less harder) steps.
For this October it's all about harvesting and cracking almonds, as well as trimming the trees and maybe some other tasks like feeding the pigs and water some plants.

---> We are looking for one or two super nice wwoofers who would like to stay longterm to help us a few hours every day or even taking care of the other wwoofers, in case this is something that sounds interesting to you, let us know!!

Besides working hard I would like to show you the way of Portuguese life in the Algarve (only a bit faster than usual) and give you recommendations where to go and what to see in the beautiful Algarve, talking and playing the guitar at the fire pit and also introducing you to the small, but nice nightlife here in Barão.
We are sorry, but Wifi is not spread on the land yet.
To get wifi, you have to walk to the city (15 Minutes of a nice walk).
I don’t care if you smoke. Other drugs are not allowed.
We do provide ingredients for three basic meals a day.
That means we do buy stuff like water, coffee, bread, spread, Cornflakes, rice, potatoes, veggies, oil, pepper, salt, apples...and you will have to do some magic with that.
Nobody will starve, but we simply cannot afford to buy a variety of fruits and nuts and sweets and wine for everybody :(
The meals are vegetarian and the wwoofers cook their meals on their own, every day someone is cooking for all of them. So please make sure you know at least how to boil potatoes :)
As we are always a group of people, we are sorry, but we cannot provide food for every special diet people nowadays have. We try to buy our veggies as bio as possible, but we also do buy things in "normal" supermarkets.
I would like to have friendly, uncomplicated, open minded people to work together, learn from one another and drinking cold beer in the evening at the fire.

The projects to work on, are totally different and might change once in a while, sometimes once in a day :) And I do need help to built some furniture, carry heavy stuff, cutting trees, gardening, digging deep holes…
Every day might be different. Not for the ones who need a fixed schedule I guess.
----> as I wrote before in October it's all about the almonds and the almond trees :)

I don’t wanna say I only take men, but the work here (especially when it's hot) is REALLY not for sissies ;)
So I do search for a strong, hard working (men, woman or a couple) person.
We tried hosting families for a long time now and decided to stop taking kids (and animals :) ), we are sorry!!
We would love you to be over 20 years old and not afraid of work.
If you bring a tent or your own caravan, you can put it where you like in the wwoofers' area. Although there´s shared accommodations (in the form of a big military tent) for woofers, as well as a rustic and super basic campsite with toilet, shower (with an olive tree) and kitchen. This might not be the place to be for people who like a lot of comfort ;)

We don't have electricity in the wwoofer's area (we use some solar lamps and yes you can charge your phone and laptop :) ), but we have hot water in the shower.
We do live on the countryside, 15 minutes walking from the city center, for now we don't have bikes yet and also no shared car. So you might think about renting a car, in case you wanna go around. Our former helpers also shared cars, hitch hiked and in case they behaved well ( ;) ) we took them out of the land once in a while...
We do have dogs and as super cute and nice as they are, they can be a pain in the *** running after you, putting themselves with a stick in between you and your work or eating your socks...so you better be an animal lover coming here :D
Please make sure, that you already worked with some tools like a chainsaw, a driller or a saw...
We do live on the countryside which means dealing with spiders and mice once in a while.
Please make sure you do have a travel insurance, we are not responsible in case you cause an accident on your own on our land.
It's dirty here. Like really dirty. So don't bring your new white Converse.
Make sure you are searching for a work experience and not (only) a holiday.

For now we are searching for people, who work with us 5 days a week, 5 hours a day in exchange for accommodation in a shared tent (or a place to put your mobile home or own tent), a rustic outdoor kitchen to take care of yourself, a compost toilet and hot showers :)
We need people only for October, but MAYBE we can talk about a longer stay...
If this is interesting for you, let us know.

Sounds like a lot of rules, but as we made some (really beautiful, not at all negative) experience, we learned a little more what we are looking for :)

You can check some pics on Instagram:

Hope to see you soon!

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