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Host AT015

  • I spent a month in Herdade do Freixo do Meio with no previous WWOOF or volunteer experience. I had a great time with people who welcomed me in a very friendly way. Though some of the work was physically demanding, everyone was always in a very good mood, which made it easier for the task to be done.
    From what I witnessed, volunteers were always treated in a friendly and respectful way and their accomodations, though simple, assured all their basic needs.
    On the other hand, the pace of the place is a relaxing one when working time is over: lots of space around, no hassle, good food, even a small dam for one to take a swim.
    I'm actually glad I spent some time there.

  • Absolutely loved my stay, no further words needed.

  • I had the most wonderful time at Herdade do Freixo do Meio! I stayed only two weeks, but because I couldn't stay longer ... If I could I would have stay a hole month or more! Everyone was very nice to me and I felt at home. Also the place is beautiful and you can learn a lot! I recommend Freixo do Meio as a WWOOFing experience any time!

  • Herdade do Freixo do Meio was a great first experience as a Roofer. The farm, being so big, offers many different opportunities to work with. The accomodation and food provided is nice and cozy. Everyone is always ready to help, and answer any doubts you have. The place is beautiful, full of walking track, native forest, birds and the farm animals. I recomend for any Wwoofer ready to get their hands dirty and with the open mind to learn and mingle. I made friends there, that will stay with me forever. Enjoy it.

  • I lived in Freixo do Meio for 2 months (October-November 2013). It is a big place with a lot of animals (most of them for meat production) and land, where you can have a professional experience in different aspects. They work as a company, oppositely as other little farms or communities that one can find in wwoof-Portugal. There are more than 15 workers and the volunteers work with them (8 h/day, 5 days/week) in the activities they do. During those 2 months I worked there I did: giving food to the animals (pigs and turkeys), cleaning their houses, healing sheep, harvesting (it was the olives´season), weeding, plowing, getting wood from the forest, etc.
    Furthermore, they also receive tourists and people who want to know more about slow food, and the portuguese "Montado" (a landscape original from Mediterranean forest). There is also some people who are running independents projects around, and volunteers from different places. However, it is important to have some notions of Portuguese because the most of the workers do not speak English.
    I really had a good time there, working hard and meeting nice people, although you can see some things that maybe are not according with permacultural views (they use tractors and other big vehicles to work, they put black plastics to cover the soil against the weed, the energy is not renewable...). The conditions for the volunteers are very good (beds, hot water, electricity, internet, 3 meals/day (lunch is cooked by them), washing-machine...). I recommend this place for people who want to farm, meet people from different countries and sectors, and have good conditions to stay.

  • Herdade do Freixo do Meio is a very welcoming and peaceful place to stay! You will live together with Portuguese and foreigner people, chare work, meals, week-ends chatting, crying and laughing with them. You will quickly feel part of a small community. It was a very rich experience for me to stay there :)

  • I spent two weeks in Freixo in July 2013. I had a good time there, it's a nice place to meet lots of both Portuguese and foreign people. There always are at least some wwoofers, but also many other people who run their own projects over Freixo's land, and others who are on stage. I would have liked to have some knowledge about Portuguese, because official farm workers speak Portuguese only, but I managed to interact with them by signs without any problems.

    The spirit of the farm is mostly based on meat production, but they also have lands for vegetables. I worked in this field, mostly weeding and gathering vegetables. The way they cultivate doesn't really follow the principles of permaculture and organic farming, also because it is a big farm and they have a couple of shops to furnish constantly.

    Wwoofers are very well treated, there are small houses for them, with beds, hot water, electricity, washing machine, internet...nothing missing. The only thing that I can blame is that food for wwoofers is not from the farm (although they have many many vegetables, they have flour, they could possibly have everything) and it is not even organic (they took it at LIDL).

    If you are very interested in learning about organic farming this is not the right place, but it is the right place to meet many different people and especially local people, that are difficult to meet in many other farms, and to test your resistance in working many hours in the sun (in July we worked with the official workers from monday to friday 8-12 13-17).