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  • I stayed three weeks at quinta da bazágueda n march and I can say I had one of the best times of my life there. A very beautiful, calm and inspiring landscape, very nice woofers around, hard but good work and enough time to relax. You shouldn`t expect a lazy time, but if you want, you can learn a lot about what living on a real farm with no luxury means. Fernando will answer all of your questions, but sometimes you have to worm the answers out of him, so be patient ;-) He is fair, sometime rigorous, not always smiling but has his heart at the right place.
    I didn`t know anything about goats and farming, that wasn`t a problem, Fernando explained everything. So if you are openminded, if you like to work, if you like to wash yourself just in the very very cold river and don`t care about smelling and being dirty and feeling your back you should go there and have a great time.

  • A true natural haven in the middle of a reserve forest. I was there last Spring and the beauty of the place was breath taking. But, true to the word, a real medieval lifestyle. Had an unforgettable 2 weeks. I completely enjoyed working with the goats. Had a good time with Fernando and the other WWOOFers. Fernando is a very genuine person and it was a pleasure getting to know him and work with him. And he´s also a very good cook! (Although being a vegetarian, I couldn´t taste his meat dishes.) One´s clothes are to be washes in the river, same goes for bathing (crystal clear water), no mobile network connection, modest wifi strength and modest and very basic shared living quarters (maybe a caravan. As long as you are a hard working, nature loving and very adaptable person who is not very picky about food/getting some dirt on you, you should definitely appreciate this place.

  • A very special farm where you can have a unique experience. Come with an open mind and be prepared for hardwork. The goats are such lovely animals, with so much personality and walking with them is something you will remember for the rest of your life!

  • What an incredible experience I had at Quinta da Bazágueda. Fernando was a great host. He is a great teacher and an excellent cook. The farm itself was just stunning, all hills and valleys and rivers, and the medieval buildings scattered around the farm are beautiful. I spent two weeks there in December and loved every minute of it. If you go in the winter months though, remember warm clothes and a torch because it’s freezing and gets dark very early. Things you shouldn’t take are your addiction to social networking and your hygiene standards – it’s hard to find good signal and VERY hard to stay clean (though quite liberating not washing your hair for two weeks). All in all it was a very traditional and unique experience and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a bit of an adventure.

  • About the Quintada Bazagueda I would say you either love this place, or you will leave after a few days. For me it was a very good and adventoreous time. Living in an 400 years old house, with an open fireplace, no heating, no hot water. But with an amazing nature around, fresh goat milk and a lot of things I learned. If you come there in dezember, be prepared to sleep with woolsocks and a woolpullover (because the window is a whole in the wall). The food is simple, but good. The work I did was very nice (picking olives and going with the goats). I think its very nice, that you can always change after two days working in one thing. Fernando is taking good care of everything. p.s. dont forget to bring some chocolate with you.

  • We stayed for 9 days and had interesting experiences with goats and others. We liked our stay in there:) Very nice natural landscape all around. It’s far away from other inhabitated places, you won’t meet any strangers in there – only host, other wwoofers and animals. And it’s far away from our urban daily routine:)
    Going for a walk with goats on beautiful valley of Bazagueda River, through rocks, orchards, along the rivers, in between the old mills in a sunny day it’s a very nice thing to do. Although sometimes they disappear and you really have to look for them.
    Good food (although a little bit monotonous).
    If you like walking and if you like hills, it’s a great place to be. Especially in not rainy weather.
    If you need hot water and can’t stand rather poor conditions, then don’t do it.
    During the autumn’ nights it’s rather cold there, so if you are coming then be prepared with some warm clothes and sleeping bag.

  • Certainly my best experince out of the city in Portugal. I have discovered a beautiful nature and courageous choices. The pace of work was quite intense and full of satisfaction. The place is relaxing and great food. Yeah.

  • I stayed 2 weeks at Quinta da Bazágueda. Don't expect hot showers everyday, be prepared to climb up the hill to get some signal for your phone or to reduce your electricity consumption. Keep in mind that you will get dirty as you work on a farm and yes, sometimes it does rain and you have to go out with the goats and you will probably end up dirty AND wet. So bring good rubber booths and a raining coat!

    If you keep all this in mind and come willing to step back in time then you will definitely have a great time at the farm. Fernando and Frederico take good care of the volunteers, they have a great sense of humour and you can talk about a lot of different topics with them. The tasks were diverse as well (pruning the olive trees, walking with the goats, preparing sausages,...).
    The food was really nice as well, you will learn that you don't need fancy pots or fancy cooking accessories to prepare great dishes!

    During you free days you can sit down, read a book and enjoy being far from our buzzing "civilisation" or hike in the surrounding mountains...

    In a nutshell: highly recommendable experience, don't forget to come with an open-mind and ready to question your comfort standard and you will enjoy your stay at the farm. I am sure you will learn a lot and end up questioning our world as it is!

  • I had a great time at Ferdando´s farm. The farm is located in the middle of the natural reserve and that made for some amacing walks with his goat´s.

  • I loved my time on Quinta da Bazagueda. I loved taking the goats up the mountains, and loved taking them down. I loved being completely surrounded by nature and I especially loved the hosts on the farm, although sometimes they tend to have a remarkable kind of humor ;)

    I miss being there sometimes and I wish I could've stayed longer..

  • I spent eight days at Fernando's farm, and I loved taking the goats out along the river deeper into the Serra da Malcata. They are the most gorgeous and intelligent goats i ever met. I really fall in love with them. It was a great, nearly medieval experience staying on this farm. The accomodation is quite limited, but it helps you focus on the more important things. And it was truely wonderful being surrounded by nothing but green hills and trees. Fernando is really nice and makes the most delicious vegetable soup. I definitely would visit this farm again.

  • Extreme magic.

  • Estive na Quinta da Bazágueda por um curto período mas gostei muito de conhecer este sítio por ser tão representativo do estilo de vida de aldeia tradicional, já difícil de encontrar.
    Grande coragem do Fernando em andar com este projecto para a frente! Espero que continue a receber muitos Wwoofers e desenvolva todas as boas ideias definidas.
    Gostei especialmente de trabalhar com as cabras :)

  • I had a great stay at Quinta da Bazagueda, Fernando and everybody at the farm was extremely accommodating and friendly. The location of the farm itself is beautiful and the work decent, plus Fernando does a great job of providing healthy, delicious and plentiful traditional Portuguese food. Almost all of it provided by the farm itself, I recommend that anybody wwoofing in Portugal give at least a few days to this great place. Fernando speaks fine English and is always willing to help out enthusiastic wwoofers with a bit of help in Portuguese. Be prepared to rough it a little bit, but there is electricity everyday provided by solar panels and reliable wireless internet.

  • Amazing place, great host, good food = awesome woofing experience!

  • Dear All, we spend about two weecks in Quinta da Bazágueda. We had a great time! Fernando who runs the place takes very good care of its "workers", and if you are really really nice he will make really nice cakes for you. Also he is a very good cheff and take care for vegetarian guest! We stayed in a tent, we worked in the mornings and then we had a breack untill late afternoon.But you can talk to Fernando he is very flexibly with working timetables. So it was too hot to work. In our free time we could swimm in the river, clear, and transparent water, walk in the mountains or just hang in the "internet cafe"...is is very healthy beeing in the nondoing mode for a while and away from civilitation. Thanks Fernando to take care of us!

  • A fantastic Host that makes us feel at home from the first day, with a project that is worth helping in a wonderfull place to visit.

    An experience that exceeded my expectations and that I intend to repeat.

  • We have only the upmost respect for Fernando and his vision and project. Very generous and honest.

  • The true and ultimate Woofing experience