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Host CE137

  • In the summer 2017 I had the opportunity to get together with great people from all around the world in Quintinha da Liz. From Brasil to Belgium, from Holland to Canada, learning together about ecological agriculture while enjoying beautiful surroundings, quite near the Dão river and admiring a very interesting architecture. There, Lara and Co. grow organic fruits and vegetables. Some of this stuff is used to produce great veriety of homemade marmelades, jellys and liqueurs. They are about to carry on an interesting project to develop an eco-community. Quite appealing adventure ;-)

  • My girlfriend and I arrived on Lara’s farm in Nesperido on the 17th of august 2017, with beautiful weather and lots of wonderful animals to greet. It was our first experience with wwoofing and we weren’t sure what to expect, but Lara took us under her wings and welcomed us warmly into her home. We were introduced to fellow woofers, the animals, the big garden and the surroundings and piece by piece we were taught how to tend to the flora and fauna there.

    At the quinta, it didn’t bother us to get up early. It didn’t matter if we had to work some extra hours to finish things or if hard work was waiting for us that day. We were helping Lara, helping the farm and helping each other and that felt great. We made connections along the way, not only with the people, but also with the animals. The 10th of august we flew back to the Netherlands, proud of ourselves and sad because of having to leave.

    We concider Lara not only an amazing host, but also a friend. She is a wonderful person with a huge heart! She’s working hard to make something great out of the farm and whenever we get the chance, we are definitely going back to lend a hand.

    This farm has the potential to become a thriving place and if you are looking to build something like that with people like Lara, you have found your spot!

    Ilse & Vivian

  • "Aaaaaah!" A sigh is the first thing that comes out after mentioning the name of this quinta. My (dog) companion Gaia and I had a wonderful time in this quinta and we were there for almost three months, from March to April to be exact. First of all, I should tell you about Lara...the host (not the boss!), she is a powerful, determined and incredibly sweet woman. She is a biologist and nature lover who knows loads of stuff related to Portugal's ecosystem (climate+fauna+flora), she taught me almost everything I know now about agriculture =) She is very patient and adores teaching and helping the others.

    About the chores I did while I was there:
    Build a fence for the new and bigger chicken coop.
    Help out taking care of the animals (the goat, turtles, hens and roosters, dogs and cats), feeding them most of all.
    Create a parking spot on the entrance.
    Cut firewood into logs and organize it in the woodshed for the winter.
    Create a mandala shaped vegetable garden in front of the house. Also weeding, watering and maintenance of that very space.
    Harvesting fruit from the several trees in the quinta depending on the season (oranges, mandarins, lemons mostly).
    Learning how to cook jam, chutney and liquor (all coming from organic veggies and fruits from the farm).

    As far as I've seen wwooffing, this is a quinta were I stayed longer because I felt comfortable and mostly, because I was motivated with the many new projects to do and create with our own hands, (positive)energy and love.