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Our farm was totally consumed by the huge fire that affected the country on October 15, 2017. We now have a great deal of work to restore it, and bringing it back to life!

The main farm is inside the village and has about 2ha area; this is where we live (my father and me - Francisco -, in the main house) and where the volunteers will stay (in a small house with two rooms, kitchen and bathroom, running water and electricity).

Then there is the second farm, with an area of 6,27ha, which is about 3km away. It was also totally consumed by another fire, in July/August 2017.

Both farms are very beautiful and have a great scenery, with the mountains in the landscape. Mobile phone reception is very good at both. The main farm has internet (wi-fi).

We need help planting trees and shrubs at both farms, growing annual crops and possibly building a roof over a house at the second farm (luckily, the houses at the main farm escaped the fire, although a bit of the roof of one of them was affected by it). We also want to gradually fence the whole perimeter of the farms.

We don't have a tractor (yet). All work will be done by hand, but no work will be demanded from volunteers that I wouldn't do myself.

I don't have much experience with annual crops, so volunteers with more experience in this field will obviously be very welcome!

Please be aware that all the food provided to volunteers is vegan, but not always organic (when bought, as all the food produced in the farm will be organic, of course!). If you have celiac disease or for some reason don't consume gluten, that's not a problem. Most of the food here is gluten-free.

The food will be prepared by me and by the volunteers, and I plan that at least one meal a day is shared by everyone. Remember that the volunteers' house has a small kitchen, so you'll be able to eat any time you're hungry. All the food is vegan and will be provided by us.

What I expect from volunteers is 5 hours of work per day, 5 days a week. The other 2 days will be for volunteers to do whatever they want, for example to visit the many interesting places in the region.

We prefer to accept volunteers who will stay for a month or more, and who are serious in their commitment to the principles of Wwoofing (as we also expect to be!).

If you have any questions or doubts regarding the stay here as a volunteer, please feel free to send me a message. I will try to check the inbox everyday. Thanks!

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