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Host CE155

  • Gonçalo and Rita are very friendly and welcoming. I believe there is a lot to learn from them, from their lifestyle and also from their positive attitudde towards live. I strongly reccommend the experience to anyone who wants to farm in a more traditional/natural way.

  • You can pretty much instantly tell that Gonçalo, Rita and Dana are just very good hearted people. They welcome you to their world of a simple and more quiet life on their huge compound in the Serra de Estrela with bright smiles and open arms.

    Aside of their lovely dog (who sometimes even guides woofers to nearby places and brings them back) they have a horse as well as several chickens, goats, sheep and of course the fields. The food forest had unfortunately just burnt down the year before in a big fire, but we were already recovering the swale system and there are some young trees. Close to Gonçalos and Ritas Yurt we also worked on several mixed "Hügelkultur" orientated Permaculture fields.

    When I came by in June it was quite unusual that it was still raining, but we could still use the days for fermenting some veggies and starting on weaving some baskets. The pace and the work days in general were really relaxed, Gonçalo shares his knowledge of working in different Permaculture projects quiet patiently and pretty much always with a smile in his face. Rita, just as bright of a soul can therefore teach you some Portuguese, about fermenting, some weaving, etc.

    They also make their own cheese from what I know, but I as I was trying to go more vegan these days we did not get into detail about that. Some days we moved the fences for the animals and once we cleaned the little "pool" in the stream on their compound though, which showed again that there are many different types of work you can learn something about in this place!

    The woofers have an old camper as "cooking" area and there is also a bigger table outdoors under a roof right next to it, else way you stay in a tent or your own vehicle if you have one. Aside of that we also shared quite some meals with our hosts next to their yurt.

    Sometimes friends from a tiny nearby community would come by, one evening we even had a little jam by the fire and shared some stories and really good local wine. You can also walk around the area, within a good half hour you are for example in a really nice little village with a lot of old stone houses and a nice little castle. There is some forest left as well, but again, unfortunately the fire got a lot of it - therefore the place should be safe for many years.

    As nice as I can say my experience was - make yourself aware of what you are in for if you are a city / comfort life person (compost toilet, solar shower, getting your own water from a spring,...)! This is off grit, relaxed, but down and dirty lifestyle. If you are aware of that and up for a quiet place in nature and honest work in good company you should give Quinta Regadinha a try!