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Ola dear people,
We are the people from Fabula Rasa. We live on our little land (1,5 hectares) with 3 adults, a 5 year old girl, a baby girl, one dog, two cats and six chicken. We love gardening and do eco-building projects. Also a lot of time gets invested into our little ones since we do attachment parenting and homeschooling.
A few years ago we, a couple from the Netherlands and our baby girl, moved in to Portugal, looking for a better life. It`s been an amazing journey, full of surprises and learning experiences, we have built our house, we started our garden, and much more.
This year our family grew, we gave birth to another baby girl, and a friend of ours has joined our project. We would still like to have more people around us, so we look forward to have lots of volunteers with us.
We also would like to create an eco-village around us. Our idea is that people can buy small plots of land around or near us so we can create an Anastasia-style village where there is a good mix between community life and private (family) life. Neighbourship and helping each other out are important trades of this eco-village as well as its important for every individual (family) to live there on their own rhythms and with their own ethics. Help can be provided with finding land near us.

Some of our projects:
- expanding our house, the first step will be to make a new kitchen and a clay oven, we would love to be able to soon throw some pizza parties with our friends and volunteers. Eventually we also want to make new rooms for our growing children, and a bathroom
- creating a food forest. We have many olive trees, and we have been planting food trees as well, hoping to someday have a a little paradise around us. Our gardens are also being expanded, and they are constant learning experiences
- medicinal herbs. We are very interested in creating medicinal products from our land, and are happy to share our knowledge and learn with you, if you`re interested
- making our place a more social place. In addition to our wish to have more people living around us, we would also like to create more conditions to have more events in our place. We are building a playground for children to play, we are planning a pizza oven, and we try to come up with more ideas
- homeschooling. At this moment our oldest daughter, mostly gets ‘unschooled’. Whenever an interest arises we answer questions and do what we can to satisfy her curiosity. Some days she plays around, others she wants to sit down and do schooling activities or help around on the farm. For us it’s important that time is taken when she shows an interest in something we are doing, since it doesn’t always go as fast or as perfect when little ones join in but this is an essential part of their development as a group member. Right now she is very interested in languages, yoga and crafts of any sort and PRINCESSES!
- and a thousand other things that always come up!

We try to live as Eco-friendly as possible, so if you`re interested in a self-sustainable life, you`re very welcome. Permaculture, medicinal plants, homeschooling, are some of our main interests. Also if you`re interested in learning Portuguese, this is the place for you. Our friend who has joined our project is Portuguese and he can help you with learning it, we ourselves are constantly practicing it.

We ask you to bring a tent as we don’t have accommodation during the summer, while in the winter we have one caravan that can be used. Our internet connection is not very good, so it is easier for us if you contact us by e-mail and let us know if you have any skills, if you have any area where you are more interested in, or you’re also very welcome to come and explore your interest.
We can welcome up to 5 adults, and unlimited amount of children.

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