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Cimo de Vila

Cimo de Vila is a 17 hectare, certified biologic farm situated in the beautiful mountains of North Portugal. An aspiring community of passionate and kind of dirty internationals led by a tiny but intrepid Portuguese woman. We brave the cold wet winters and hot dry summers by entertaining each other with music and conversation, helping each other, and lovingly caring for our beautiful plants and animals. Though we have Portuguese and French speakers in our midst, English is the primary language for communication.
We specialize in essential oils, fresh and dried herbs, vegetables and plants -- all certified biologic and for sale weekly at markets in Porto. We currently have about 9 chickens, a donkey, and 2 pigs. We also have a beehive, extensive (and ever growing!) gardens, and two large greenhouses. Essential oil making and floral waters are two handicrafts we also enjoy. We produce the most of our fruit and veg and are always looking to produce more.
In addition to caring about how we live and eat, we are passionate about the growth of the biologic movement in Portugal. We occasionally have small groups of people who volunteer to help with larger projects in addition to the presence of WWOOFers, making for some nice lunches and community days.
Regular things to be done include digging garden beds, planting, weeding, work in the greenhouses, compost making, picking wildflowers, clearing land, preparation for market day, cooking and potentially participating in essential oil making, jam making, etcetera. Helping to care for the animals is always an option for those who are interested.
Cimo de Vila is located within (long) walking distance to Celorico de Basto, and Castelo the closest village (15 mins walk), which has 2 cafes (with internet) and 2 restaurants, a grocery store, and a small castle with a beautiful view. Cimo de Vila is situated in the mountains with a view of the valleys and villages below. As well as Celorico, the castle, our property is a lovely and scenic place to explore, with many far reaching views and a few ruins on surrounding lands. Once each week we sell products at a market in Porto (about an hour away). We enjoy good laughs and good conversation. We have a shared room for WWOOFers, and camping is always a possibility. We are open to shorter term, but prefer long term stays (three weeks is the minimum). We appreciate the assistance we can get!
Alot of people ask about timetables or schedules well,
We don´t have such set schedules. We work according to what needs to be done, how many people we have, and the weather. There are no set hours for WWOOFers. Some tasks are very time consuming but also you have the ability to do other things while completing these tasks, like talk, listen to music, study Portuguese ect, others are more physical and others need to be done regardless of what day it is. On sunny days we will be more motivated and active than on rainy ones, but again some things need to be done regardless of the weather.
And we don't have running hot water, if you want a hot shower or bath it is possible, but you must heat the water with fire.
We expect that you work to your ability and respect the others around you. And we will respect your needs and abilities. WWOOFERs tend to thrive here who are proactive and independent and who are happy to love and care for our space, plants, and animals as if it were their own!
You can call us on our telephone.
We look forward to hearing from you!!

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Nome do anfitrião
Cimo de Vila
Chickens, Donkey, Dog, Cat, Pigs
Portuguese, English, French
Mostly vegetarian
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3 week min
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Once or twice a week